This Religion’s Cell mirror site is for stories of Religious Abuse Survivors of religious sects across America and the World. Authoritarian sects are very abusive toward women and children and in desperate need of a purging of their filth that lies hidden under their “mantle of righteousness” that they project to the populace. It is our desire that exposure of the atrocities and abuses will bring awareness to the public and enable victims of religious abuse to finally have a voice; something they have never had because the “church” and/or its religious leaders silenced them. It is also our desire that the governing authorities will take notice of these atrocities that the Church is hiding and enact legislation that will protect women and children in an abusive church environment.

These stories of abuse are meant to encourage and strengthen religious abuse survivors by showing them that they are not alone. There are others out there that have suffered at the hands of abusive religious sects.  If you would like to have your story of religious abuse on this site to help encourage others as well, simply email your story to the admin email at the bottom right of this page.  If you are an author, have a website or blog, we welcome the opportunity to promote these things in your story through links.

All articles and stories contained on this site are the sole properties of their authors. They may not be copied or reproduced without express permission of their authors. Religion’s Cell is only a platform for these victims to have the voice they have never had. No monetary compensation is given or earned by Religion’s Cell on behalf of these victim stories. All articles written by the admin of this site are to help victims in overcoming the religious brainwashing from their cult experience. They will also help to untwist the corrupted theological doctrines and dogmas that have been taught by mainstream religion that foster abuse toward women and children.

Please note that the stories posted are the personal, unverified accounts of each person and reflect the views of the authors. These stories are the sole property of the authors and not of this blog or its owner(s). Because an experience is included here, it is not meant as an endorsement from me, nor is it necessarily indicative of my views. Many different experiences are shared on the blog to show the extent and aftermath of spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as un-Biblical teachings. Due to the various stages of healing of those writing, it is important to realize that abusive, thoughtless, and inconsiderate comments can trigger these victims thus causing them even more emotional abuse.  It can also lead to physical harm of the victim telling his/her story if they are not able to cope with the comments posted.  Please be mindful of this as you leave your comments.

Comments deemed abusive or hurtful to the victim will be deleted for the sake of the victims telling their individual stories.  This site is not a place for attacking victims or arguing with them because you disagree with them. This is a place of safety for victims of abuse where their voices can be heard without being attacked by those that support their abusers and religious institutions.  The attitude of “victim blaming” against victims of abuse has been one that countless victims have had to deal with most of their lives from those who should have supported them. It will not be tolerated here.  This attitude of victim blaming has only silenced the many victims of sexual exploitation and abuse and has allowed sexual predators to move on to other victims! It is time for them to have a place where they can be safe from such Secondary Emotional Abuse and Trauma. The emotional well-being of these victims will always trump your opinion. So, with that in mind, I urge you to take your vitriol, hatred, “laced words,” and attacking spirit, elsewhere, they will not be tolerated here. This is a place of support – something these victims have never had before.

Some may even mention sinful actions on their part or on the part of the perpetrators and this site certainly does not endorse or condone such. Contributors are simply  encouraged to share what they have experienced in their former churches.

©Copyright 2012

All stories are copyrighted as well as the articles written by the author of this site. None of these may be reproduced or copied without express permission of the authors.


I have authored three books, two of which, will help in the deprogramming process. If you have been a part of an abusive church system and are in need of direction, my book, Religion’s Cell, is for you. It will help to educate you on the tactics of the church and its leaders and it will also divulge some of the biggest lies that the church propagates in order to maintain control of the populace.

To find out more about each individual book, just click on the links that are listed under All Religion’s Cell Articles on the right menu bar.

Religion’s Cell: Doctrines of the Church that Lead to Bondage and Abuse
The TRUTH About Tithing
Poetry for Those who are Hurting

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlie Roach

    I was with Kerry Lou in Panama at the time of her story. I was actually playing that day when Kerry hurt her knee. My parents were with NTM in Panama. To this day I have issues of how I was “abused“ in Panama. I have so much to say but don’t know where to start. Looking for help. Thank you.


  2. tifed3

    I agree with the article on religiosity sp. on the other hand I just read Berger and Zijderveld and they write about modernity and free individual choice. The thought was that religion would do away with itself. Instead religion grew larger with more varieties. They discuss modernity pluralizes. Explaining with free individual choice people still want to be part of a larger group.


  3. tifed3

    I agree with the article on religiousosity. The other part that church brings is community. I just read Berger and Zidjerveld and the thought was with modernity and free choice religion would disperse however it created more religions and community gatherings.

    Their point was that modernity pluralizes and people want to be part of a familiar community.


  4. Jo Wright

    Although I left the independent fundamental baptists over 30 years ago, over the past year, I learned I was not the only person who thought the IFB way was insane and most often, damaging to children. Crimes that require law enforcement are not intended to be resolved by a pastor, yet the IFB feel they have a unique methodology that prevents law enforcement actions, fire departments inspections, medical care requirements, and civil actions toward others from applying to the IFB.
    Finding others who realize there is more to living life than sitting on a church pew, while judging everyone else, has been encouraging. In time, am going to read your book. I get triggered by bible based … anything. Actually, Dave Pittman of TWH is the first blog I’ve read in 30 years, without the bible references resulting in feelings of dread and intense sweating that goes with the triggers.
    Thank you for giving so many victims a voice.


  5. Adele Hebert

    Thank you Cynthia! I just found this site also and immediately had to buy your ebooks. Can’t wait to read them. About ten years ago I found Katharine Bushnell’s “Gods Word to Women” and it changed my life. Please email me as I have also written a book called “Every Woman and Child” and I would love to send you a couple copies. In the brief scanning of your book, it’s amazing how we use the same words. Looking forward to hearing from you. Adele Hebert


  6. Marcy Pettitt

    Hi Cynthia – WOW. Just found your site, and am amazed. Amazed because there are so many others who like me, grew up in this fundamentalist world, and kept their secrets for so, so, long. My parents joined The Church of the Way, in Santa Ana California in 1972 on my tenth birthday. My family followed this group around the country, and my Mom is still involved with the group. in 1985 I made my escape to Pepperdine Law School, in Malibu, California. And only now am I able to tell my story. I’m just finishing up a memoir, “Saved” and hope to be published soon. Your site and the survivors stories are an inspiration.



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