How would you know if your pastor, or those you trusted at church, is a sexual predator? How would you know if someone in your church had a history of fraud, rape or murder? How would you know of any HISTORY of abuse in a church? What about LAWSUITS that were settled out of court that involved fraud, rape, or child sexual assault?  The likelihood of church members knowing this information is nil unless it hits the news.  What most Christians fail to realize is that, if abuse of any kind did occur, they probably would not know about it. This is especially true after a few years has passed and everyone has forgotten what has happened.

This list of archived news stories will be updated each week with more news stories and links. I still have countless news articles to add to this list, but at least you will have a place to start in researching your church’s history to see if it has anything newsworthy involved.  Lawsuits against churches will also be listed along with public court records. Simply click on the state name and it will bring up the State Index. If you have any other links to news stories that you would like to add, just email them to me by clicking the link listed below..

This is for research purposes ONLY and is not to be used to track or harass anyone charged or convicted of these crimes. This is simply an archive of published media reports and other public documents that encompass all denominations. Some of the ministers reported in these articles have NOT been criminally convicted.

SOURCES: Many thanks the following websites for their dedication in gathering much of this information in order to educate and inform others. They have been a tremendous help in laying a foundation that will enable me to build upon it. All source documents are .pdf files so that if the news story gets archived or disappears, I will still have a copy of the news article and my links will never go bad.

Wikipedia,, cogicabusewatch, or,, ***

NOTICE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is available here without profit to educate people and for those who want to read it for research purposes ONLY.

If you have knowledge of any other news articles that cover sex offenders within religion, clergy abuse of any kind, or lawsuits against churches that involve abuse of children and/or women, please email me at:

A source is a news story link, press release and/or court/legal docs that are public.

ENTER HERE***Note: I have downloaded necessary source documents from  and converted them to .pdf documents. This sites links are contaminated with malware and I did not want to put links to it on my blog. I have removed links that are not any good and added new source documents to many of the stories.

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