The Woman Caught in Adultery – The Double Standard

The Woman Caught in Adultery – The Double Standardadultery

Herein is the chief cause of the persistent maintenance of two standards of chastity, one for men and one for women. But the teaching of Jesus Christ is that man must first show himself to be chaste before dealing with woman’s unchastity.

Christ’s blow – “neither do I condemn thee” – was aimed at two standards of morality; at injustice; at hypocrisy. It was not a blow in defense of adultery in either man or woman.

There is absolutely nothing which destroys morality out of the human heart so effectually and quickly as injustice. Justice is the kindest thing in the world; injustice is the cruelest and the most depressing…

Christ’s kindness toward the woman caught in adultery was such a tremendous contrast to the Pharisee who had dragged her into publicity while they let her male partner go free. (Notice how the “religious crowd” always takes the sinner to publicity to humiliate them?)

The truth is, no quality, whatever it happens to be, has anything of use or morality in it unless it be founded upon the basic principle of all morality — JUSTICE.

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