The Greater The Man, The Greater His Evil Inclinations

evil man

The greater the man, the greater his evil inclinations. — Babylonian Talmud, Sukkah 52a

While there are saints who seem to have almost no evil inclinations, the Rabbis believe that a person of extraordinary abilities has more temptations and opportunities to use those abilities for wrong than do his less talented brethren. — Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Wisdoom

There is so much truth to these statements! Many of us are now realizing these truths as a result of the abuses that have been endured (and exposed recently) from those who espouse greatness under the guise of “leadership” within religious institutions. Realizing that the ability to do evil lies within these people of “greatness,” we should all the more question authority, doctrines, agendas and the like from these so-called “leaders of righteousness”; proving them in all that they do. Transparency should be paramount to prevent abuse and corruption. Worshiping the the man and placing his position on a pedestal, only helps to thwart truth and transparency. It will always lead to hidden abuses and corruption. As a result, many will be defiled (corrupted) by it, and many will be victims (abused) of it.

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