The Corruption Begins

The Corruption Beginscorruption

“It is evident from the new Testament that even in the first generation of Christians “false brethren” had made their way into the churches. Some of these, as has already been said, sought to spy out the liberty of the believers and to bring them again into bondage to the law.” — Edward Backhouse, Early Church History to the Death of Constantine, 1906.

If one was to really think about this, it would be obvious that this same “bondage to the law” is still happening today. Throughout Christendom, churches and their leaders are bringing people into bondage to the “dead works” of the law, heaping on believers a yoke that is too burdensome to bear. As a result, many have fallen away from the faith they once held.

Not only this, but these “works of the law” have never, at anytime, applied to the Gentile populous. The “Law” pertained only to the Jews. When the “Law was fulfilled” in Christ, the penalty for disobeying the “Law”, was done away with for the Jew. Think about this…..Gentiles have always been under grace as they were “without the Law”. Now, both Gentile and Jew are under Grace.

The church teaches that all need to Tithe, go to church (This is not in scripture. There are no buildings of worship in the early church. Churches are a corruption that occurred under the leadership of Constantine and the Church of Rome.), serve in a ministry, and support all the needs of the church and clergy in order to be “right” with God. These “dead works” mean nothing to God as true believers are free from these works to live in liberty in Christ. Again, remember that the “Law” never applied to the Gentile populous.

So, who REALLY benefits the most from giving to the church? God’s people, or the Church and its leaders? If Christians would be honest with themselves, they would see that the answer is simple.

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