Show Us By Your Deeds, Not Your Words

Show us by your Deeds, Not your Words

What you believe and what you do in life is between you and God. Not between your friends and God; or, others, you and God. UNLESS, your actions are illegal or abusive. The mistakes we make, we hopefully learn from and move on, never to make the same mistakes again. Those that judge you for your mistakes that you have already been forgiven for, have no right to do so, as they are just as guilty before God. If God has forgiven you for the mistakes you have made, then forgive yourself also, and move on. Don’t let others continue to use those mistakes as a baseball bat to beat you over the head with for the rest of your life; or, even worse, to alienate you from others! Sadly, that is what many people I know have done and, still do.

There are those that would criticize and condemn those that live differently or believe differently. How does that make them any better than those they are condemning? Does it make them better people? No. It makes them self-righteous judges of those things that only God is responsible to deal with in the lives of his children. Somehow, many people think that they need to attack others FOR God, as if HE cannot fight for himself. Somehow, many people think that by “stepping on others to elevate themselves”, it will please God and show others and God how “righteous and holy” they are in comparison to the sinner they are judging and condemning. Somehow, these “judges” don’t realize that they are alienating the sinner from God through their lack of compassion and grace toward the one that is being condemned. Remember that, with what measure you use, it will be measured unto you. Self-righteousness is repugnant to God and to those who have to be around it. Self-righteous, holier-than-thou, judgmental people, will never bind up the wounds of the hurting who have made terrible mistakes in the their lives and are trying to drag themselves out of the mire they have fallen into. Self-righteous, holier-than-thou, judgmental people, will never show compassion or love or forgiveness to those they oppose for the way the live or the way they believe. How does this attitude mirror Christ? A better question would be: Does this attitude please Christ and does it edify others?

Don’t give us your words. Show us by your actions what type of person you are! Do you help the hurting and wounded? Do you treat everyone with the respect and dignity which you desire to be treated with. Do you think you are better than others, or are you humble in spirit, realizing that you are just as much a sinner too? Don’t give us your words! Show us by your good deeds, your humble spirit, and your giving attitude, who your REALLY are. Rest assured, your facade is removed by your very own words and actions toward those who are different than you. Otherwise, your words will cut deep. They will wound the already wounded. They will destroy broken spirits. They WILL hinder restoration and salvation, AND, turn others away from the very God that you claim to love and serve.

Your words have the ability to restore and uplift. Use them wisely. They are powerful and deadly when used as weapons. They are healing and restorative when used graciously and with love.

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