“Labeling” – The Universal WEAPON Against Opposing Views

labeling pic“Labeling” – The universal WEAPON against opposing views.

“The attacks leveled by the orthodox against opposing viewpoints became stereotyped fairly quickly: Heretics are nearly everywhere accused of being self-contradictory, patently absurd, and mutually divergent. In contrast, orthodox Christians are described as consistent, sensible, and unified. Heretics invent doctrines that evidence no clear connection to the apostolic tradition they claim to represent. The orthodox, on the other hand, faithfully transmit the teachings of Jesus and his apostles, as these have been known from the very beginning. Heretics disavow the clear teachings of Scripture, perverting scriptural doctrines with the ideas drawn from Judaism or pagan philosophy. The orthodox preserve the teachings of Scripture unsullied, setting forth their original meaning apart from external influences.” — Bart Erhman, Orthodox Corruption of Scriptures.

It is no surprise that religious institutions, whose primary goal is to become the majority belief system, portray those that disagree or have a divergent belief with them, as heretical, as described above. The goal for many religious institutions is ultimate control and power over the people.

“Labeling” has been taking place from the beginning against those who do not conform to “orthodoxy’s” way of thinking as dictated by the religious institution with the most power to conquer and inflict harm. “Labeling” attempts to dehumanize an individual or group of individuals so that dismissing them or their opinions is much easier. Choosing not to address someone individually who challenges the toxic faith places a blanket negative label on all who would agree with that person or group. Those who disagree with what is taught are labeled as “detractors,” malcontents” and “traitors”, who would destroy the ministry or organization. These labels become rallying points under which other followers can be moved to action against these individuals or groups to hurt and slander them. Once the label has been placed, it becomes more difficult to see the person or group as human with real needs and the potential for good judgment. This is exactly what religious leaders and their followers have done to women throughout history and even today. This is exactly what religious leaders and their followers have done to those that they have abused and discarded across the board in all denominations.

In these times, when the religious system has inflicted such an enormous amount of emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual abuse, would it not seem necessary then, for those abused by the system, to rally together against the abusive system and fight for changes in law to prevent further abuse? Would it not be just and right before God? Is not God a God of ethics? Is not God a God of justice? If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then would not God be on the side of those vying for “justice” and “ethical” treatment, instead of the side that perpetrates “injustice and unethical” treatment?”

With all that is taking place between victims and the religious system that “victimized” them, isn’t it time for this change to happen? Isn’t it time for judgment to begin at the house of God that is “Carrying His Name In Vain” (link) and teaching for commandments the doctrines of men?

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