It's a Trap!

It’s a Trap!

“When we invite people to church and tell them that they will experience true fellowship with all its benefits, including unconditional love, we should mean it. We should keep our promises.

 Unconditional love also means unlimited love. That means it doesn’t end when a condition isn’t met.  Oftentimes, we stop loving those that will not uphold the same standard that we do.  This is not UNCONDITIONAL love. Most Christians practice CONDITIONAL love.  They only love those who love them and act and believe the way they do!

 These two guys are being lured in by what looks like unconditional love. In this case, it’s a trap.  They are being lured in so that they can conform to the doctrines and standards of a church system that propagates CONDITIONAL love.” – David Hayward

This artwork by David Hayward, and its excerpt, is from my book, The TRUTH About Tithing

The TRUTH About Tithing

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