Frank LaFerriere’s Story of Priest Rape

From the Blog Admin:

I applaud Frank’s courage in coming forward about his abuse. Speaking out is one of the most difficult things a victim of abuse can do. Sexual abuse hidden under the guise of “religion” is rampant across all denominations the world over.  It’s time for this issue to come to the forefront and laws be enacted to protect people from this kind of abuse.   If you are a victim of sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse by a Priest, and would like to speak out and let your voice be heard, please contact me.  Together, we all CAN make a difference and bring about change.  Please consider visiting Frank’s Blog and Facebook page through the following links:

Survivor of Roman Catholic Priest Sex Abuse

Rape Victims of the Catholic Church

This is a picture taken from my first communion. The three boys on the left of the priest are myself and my brothers. My oldest brother, Joe, is on the left. I am in the middle, and my twin Paul, is to the right. This was taken at St Charles Parish in Dover, NH.


In March of 1975, I had run away from an abusive foster home. The only place they could put me for the night was St Thomas More Parish in Durham, NH, until my social services worker, Pam Shaw, could pick me up the next morning and bring me to Teen Haven group home in Rochester NH.

A police officer brought me to the church and no sooner did he leave and the priest brought me to his bedroom.

He told me I had broken one of the Ten Commandments and told me I was now going to hell unless I did what he said.

He had me strip and he got naked. First he performed oral sex on me to ‘suck out the evil from me”. He then forced me to perform oral sex on him to take his “sacred sacrament” into me. Even though I puked he was still not finished.

He raped me anally then. While he was doing so, he forced me to say the Our Father and Hail Mary and he kept telling me if I told anyone about his special healing I would burn in hell forever.

I remember crying and begging God and Jesus to make him stop.

When my social worker picked me up the next morning, I couldn’t even look her in the eyes. She wanted to treat me to breakfast, but I refused. She knew something was wrong but I could not tell her.

She then brought me to Teen Haven. I started having nightmares of the world being destroyed. It was burning. I then became a pyromaniac. I set fire to two houses, though they were abandoned, the woods, called the Pines behind Spaulding High School in Rochester, and then set fire to a truck that was like two hundred yards from the Teen Haven for which I got arrested for the next day.

I was then brought to Austin Cate Academy in Center Strafford, NH. I still had the nightmares and even attempted my own evil. I tried three times to rape a girl in the Pines. I could not do it though, hell I puked each time I tried.

I did tell a school friend at Austin Cate, but he did not believe me. After that, my nightmares got even worse. I was being gang raped in hell by priests, bishops and popes and even the demons of hell. I would wake up when the priest who raped me, now a demon would come over and rip my penis off and eat it.

I became a drunk and a druggie. I got into all kinds of trouble with the law. I got raped one more time by a guy who picked me up hitch hiking and drugged me and I woke up to him raping me in the back of his RV. I thought I deserved this though and it was punishment for my telling John at school what happened to me.

Then two months later, I was hitch hiking again, and this guy pulled off the dirt road before the bridge in Gloucester Mass and tried to rape me, but I defended myself and sliced him up real good. I tried to get his car out of a ditch because he had run off, but I couldn’t, so I ran up the embankment and saw a cop car and flagged it down. I did not know he had already picked up the guy and I told the cop what happened. Well he went to put me into the back seat and I saw the guy and I freaked the hell out. Then the cop asked the guy if I was the one who just tried to rob him and first he said no. He said no a couple of times but then said yes when I kept saying he just tried to rape me.

The cop believed me though. Yet, there was nothing he could do because the guy pressed all kind of charges against me. I was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, attempted Armed Robbery and other charges. Again, I felt I deserved this and it pretty well ruined my life, I lost my job, my apartment everything and became homeless, eventually being arrested for breaking into a deserted boy scout hall in Rockport to live. I then went to jail to wait the trial but was given a 2 year probation sentence.

From then on my life was even more a living hell.

I eventually came out two and a half years ago after helping another rape victim.

Since then, I have been speaking out, through Facebook and my blog and in letters to the editors. I also am working on my own book about this and am working on naming names in the book of all the evil pedophiles of the US branch of the Roman Catholic Church.

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