Corruption of Scripture

corruption scriptureCorruption during translation of scripture is a PROVEN fact. Sadly, not only are translations corrupted, but Religious leaders go a step further, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men! (Please see my post on my Religion’s Cell Page titled, “Inerrant?”). Who will receive the greater damnation?

“One of the hindrances with which Christianity had to contend from WITHIN (emphasis mine), was the publication of SPURIOUS GOSPELS and PRETENDED Apostolic canons (emphasis mine). Many of these writings are believed to have been FABRICATED by heretical sects and parties IN THE CHURCH for the purpose of supporting their views of doctrine and practice (sounds like religious leaders to me). The falsification of the Gospels and even of his own letters is complained of by Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth (A.D. 168-177). “As the Brethren,” he says, “desired me to write epistles, I wrote them; and these the apostles of the devil have filled with tares, exchanging some things and adding others, for whom there is a woe reserved. It is not a matter of wonder if some have attempted to adulterate the sacred writings of the Lord, since they have done so with those which are not to be compared with them.” — Backhouse, 1906

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