About My Book – The TRUTH About Tithing

TAT CoverThe TRUTH About Tithing

The TRUTH About TITHING is designed to give the reader a thorough understanding of tithing in a quick and easy to read book. Using scripture and church history, McClaskey reveals the true nature of the church system and its abuse of this Old Testament Law that only applied to the tribes of Israel. Great care has been taken to scripturally answer the following questions:

  1. What is the tithe?
  2. Who was supposed to tithe?
  3. Who do the tithes really belong to?
  4. Were Gentiles supposed to tithe?
  5. Is the tithe money?
  6. Did God command everyone to tithe?
  7. Why are churches teaching that it is mandatory to tithe?

Some of the points that McClaskey raises in this book are eye-opening; the conclusions that she draws, astounding. Once one sees the truth behind the lies of the religious system, one can’t help but question other doctrines of the church. This is a must read for all denominations.

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