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bookcover (2)Religion’s Cell: Doctrines of the Church that Lead to Bondage and Abuse

Religion’s Cell by Cynthia McClaskey is a masterful exploration of the ways in which organized religion has, through the centuries, systematically denied woman her proper role in the church and the world. McClaskey moves forward with detailed and extensively referenced explanations of how man, in seeking to retain power and authority in both religion and the world, has relegated woman to a subservient position in both areas, in violation of God’s intended plan.

Beginning with a firsthand account of her own subjugation within a fundamentalist sect, McClaskey moves forward with detailed and extensively referenced explanations of the God-intended role of woman.

Along the way, she provides explanations of how man, in seeking to retain power and authority in both religion and the world, has relegated woman to a subservient position in both areas, in violation of God’s intended plan.

McClaskey’s evidence is compelling and her logic flawless as she argues against the God-as-stern-judge mentality that permeates most modern religious sects and emphasizes the true nature of God as a loving father –a father who wants only the best for both genders of His crowning creation. She points out that Christ surrounded himself with women and that women played major roles in the early years of Christianity, providing copious scriptural support for her position.

In addition, McClaskey also takes the initiative to cover the three most destructive man-made doctrines taught as Bible truth.  She exposes through meticulous scriptural and historical support, the truth behind these doctrines and the far reaching tentacles that they have and, the effects they have had on the populace.

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“Religion’s Cell is a must read for everyone! This book has answered so many underlying questions about my religious background (Catholic) that I dared not ask aloud.” — Cris Bodin


“I just finished reading your new book, “Religion’s Cell.” I only read it one hour a day and each day I couldn’t wait on my next day of reading it. The book is great! Cynthia McClaskey is brilliant! Thank you Cynthia for all the research and time you put into this book. I especially like your chapter on “Hell.” My daughter is going to start it now that I am finished and I can hardly wait for us to discuss all of this. I am in agreement with all you have written. Very interesting stuff! Thank you Cynthia !!!” — Rose Belle


 “I read the book.  Wow! So different than what I’ve been taught all my life. But, I too was raised in an “Independent Fundamental Baptist” church.  Regretfully, I have been lazy (as are most people) and trusted my preachers to “impart the truth to me” from God’s Word.  I’ve been forced to view life from another viewpoint recently…non-independent Fundamental Baptist.  That in itself was an eye opener! You mean to tell me there are others “outside the church” that love God, and serve Him to the best of their ability, as led by Him through personal devotion to Him…because they love Him?

 It’s obvious this Author has done extensive research in preparation for writing this book.  Her use of scripture is very impressive and causes one to think…thinking is not a “sin” nor is questioning…although church leaders might want you to think so.  By the way, did we not once think the world was flat?  this caused a “fear of venturing out.”  Now that someone has blazed a trail…and didn’t “fall off the edge”, we now know the world is indeed round.  No more fear of venturing out…need I say more?  Thanks, Cynthia for blazing a trail.” — Troy G.


“What a wonderful discovery. I loved the insight and experience that Cynthia brought to the stage in this book that was hard to put down. She brought to light things that I already knew and things that I can’t believe happen in today’s society. Cynthia does an exceptional job of researching and sharing personal experiences to help expose the fraud that some religious leaders are peddling. THANK YOU CYNTHIA FOR YOUR STRENGTH IN SHARING”. — Mrs. Auch


“Cynthia does an excellent job of shredding the myths about what the new testament actually says about how women should be treated in the Church. For his time, Jesus was radical in the way he exalted women, when you consider that at first women had no rights and were treated as property. A majority of the book covers the way the Church organization she left hurts women and the ways that they cover it up. She uses her own personal experiences and stories from others to show that her story is not an isolated incident. She also shows the methods that her church used to manipulate members, that can serve as wake up call to others. Her story and experiences are very inspirational for anyone that has been manipulated by any Church group.” — Charles Ormond


 “What a very eye-opening read especially if you have personal experience in oppressive religious organizations! Cynthia covers some very tough issues facing so many of our modern day Fundamentalist churches which are hurting people world-wide by their far-reaching influences.

If you are recovering from an abusive church situation or just would like to understand some things you see happening that you can’t quite put your finger on, then this is a MUST READ for you!”— Joshua M.


“I hardly have read a book that does not bring up things I do not know, so I am sure I am going to hear things I never thought about before. Your book gives many testimonies and examples that I thought were wonderful. What I love so far about your book is that it is easy to understand, but you clearly back up everything with a lot of research. I personally hate books that are words without substance, but your book is clearly words with tons of substance behind them. You get an honorary doctorate degree in my opinion. Keep writing, as you have a gift!! I have been bouncing around in your book, as well as reading from the beginning (something weird I tend to do). I enjoyed your position on hell and the lake of fire that religion has so brutally abused. I think this book will prove helpful to many out there trapped in religion’s cell, as it will point them to freedom.” — David Johnson


This book has been a tremendous help to me as I am coming out of the IFB religion. The author uses Scriptures to encourage the reader to view God as someone who loves you for who you are and that He is not a system of routines to be followed. I have been helped tremendously by this author and I encourage anyone who is dealing with abuse from any religion to read this book. You will not regret it. — Sean M.


Finally, TRUTH, November 17, 2012

By lbwgSee all my reviews

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This review is from: Religion’s Cell:Doctrines of the Church that lead to Bondage and Abuse (Kindle Edition)

After struggling for many years, I discovered that am liberated! The propaganda preached from the pulpits of organized religion by female-phobic males is a LIE!!! Our Creator loves and values me! Thank you Cynthia, for the time and research you poured into this book!


I had already met Cynthia online and immediately felt a kinship with her and her passion for authentic, honest and accountable community. When she asked me if I would be willing to provide the artwork for the cover of Religion’s Cell I was delighted. Of course I would! And when she mentioned the one she wanted… Sophia “Trapped”… that was when I definitely knew we were on the same page. It took a lot of guts for her to use that image on this book, but it took even more guts for her to write what she wrote within its covers. If you are disillusioned with organized religion and frustrated with the institutional church, this book will help you articulate those disillusionments and frustrations and will also restore your hope that things can be corrected if we want them to be. — David Hayward


Brilliant! January 22, 2013

By Amanda

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This book is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I am a victim of a religious cult, and since my escape, I have questioned everything I have ever been taught about God and His word. The author is brilliant and it’s obvious that she poured her heart and soul into this book. I learned and agreed with so much in “Religion’s Cell”, and it shed light on many things. I wish I could put this book in the hands of friends and loved ones that I believe are still in bondage to a man behind a pulpit.


Enormously valuable on the subect of women’s roles in the church, May 1, 2013

This book provides an enormously valuable contribution on the subject of women’s rightful role in the church. The author reveals the methods of suppression and control common to church polity over the centuries, and continuing today, especially in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement. Women’s role in the early church was enormous and foundational, but the fact that the titles we conferred on men has led to a a misunderstanding of the critical role of women in the early church and created a climate where the New Testament church has become a monarchy, which the author points out so well again and again is consistent with pagan tradition. The topic of the original sin in the garden is a brilliant exposé of Adam’s true role in lying to or misinforming Eve and quite likely himself bearing the responsibility for the first sin. Many solid Scripture passages are presented delineating the equality of women by Christ, and the contrast is provided to demonstrate convincingly just how far off many churches are in their view and treatment of women. This book is sure to elicit some howls from those most guilty and their refutations will be of the broad, pejorative variety, as their flimsy scholarship always seems to engender. Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.


This book is great!, May 27, 2013
Cheryl (hammond, in, United States) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Religion’s Cell:Doctrines of the Church that lead to Bondage and Abuse (Kindle Edition)

So many times I have thought some of theses things she has written and didnt get why no one else saw or felt them. I was raised in a fundamental church and never agreed with any of the biased male superiority drivel they spew…this book is not about hating God or the Bible she explains the problems with religion…not spirituality, God, or the Bible but man creating religion and using the BiBLE to support their own agenda…Religion is manmade

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