About My Book – Poetry for Those Who are Hurting

Poetry Poetry for those who are Hurting

This book is a collection of poems that reflect:

  • the struggles that take place in a person’s heart when all the foundations upon which they have come to rely are disintegrated.
  • the effects of religious bondage on the family relationships.
  • when everything a person has come to believe is found to be rooted in lies and doctrines of men, not truth.
  • when one’s faith is challenged and all those that you thought were friends, become alien and even enemies because of doctrinal differences and beliefs.
  • the battles that rage in the mind when gossip and slander become prevalent in the church. And lastly,
  • how church leaders use their position as a cloak of righteousness to mas their evil ways.

The message that is ultimately conveyed is that, despite all these things, we all go through difficult times because of abuse by others, the church, church leaders and close friends; but, God is always there to see you through. He will walk beside you when no one else will. He will strengthen and guide you even amidst a faltering faith. He will extend to each and every one of us his compassion, grace, forgiveness and love; while religion tells us we are castaways for leaving the church.

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