A Little About “DEACONS”

women deacons of the early churchHere’s some early church history about Deacons:


“The only office whose origin is related in the New Testament is that of “deacon.” To the care of the poor, for which it was instituted, many other duties were afterwards added; and because the free access of men to women was likely to give offence, especially in the East, deaconesses (at first usually widows), were also appointed, whose duty it was to instruct the younger sisters, assist at the baptism of female converts, and visit the women of the community in their own homes. – Edward Backhouse, 1906, Early Church History to the Death of Constantine

There were men and women Deaconesses in the early church. Their primary duties were to care for the poor. The “other” duties added later on continued to expand through time as the corruptions entered the church giving to men control and power over the people that were never meant to be. Eventually, due to these corruptions, women were removed from leadership in the church and subjugated. In the beginning, it was not this way. Also keep in mind that this office was instituted for the “care of the poor”. Look at what a Deacon does today and compare it to what it was originally instituted for. Can you see the progression of the office over time?

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