Southern Baptist Pastor, Matt Baker, Convicted of Murder

Matt BakerSource: Stop Baptist Predators

Name of Victim:  Kari Baker

Age:  31

Date of Incidence:  2006

Location: USA

Method of killing or religious violence:  Gave her sleeping pills and then smothered her with a pillow

Perpetrator:  Husband, Matt Baker

Reason for Violence:  He wanted to be with his mistress


In January, 2010, Matt Baker, a Southern Baptist Pastor, was convicted of murdering his wife back in 2006.

According to investigators, Baker had also spent years living “a secret life as a sexual predator.” Yet, despite multiple allegations of sexual assault and abuse, he was always able to move on through churches, schools and organizations affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

No one stopped him.

Not until he was put on trial for murder did people in the pews finally learn about the sexual abuse and assault allegations against him.

Now prosecutors say that “Matt Baker was a person who lived a double life and used his position as a minister for evil purposes.”


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