Amanda’s Jenkins Farmer’s Story

From the Author:amanda

Amanda Jenkins Farmer is a courageous young lady that steps out and talks about how, as a child, the preacher groomed her for sexual abuse. Her story is brief but I have put the link to her trailer on Youtube so that anyone who has suffered as she has, can learn more about her book, “Preacher’s Pet” (this is a link), where Amanda Farmer courageously recounts the sexual abuse she experienced as a girl.

Excerpt from book:

“What happens when a man you love and trust is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? How do you know whom you can trust? Can anyone really ever be trusted with your children? Discover what happens when the darkness of evil is brought to light in a story of manipulation and deceit in the church. The one place where you should be safe to worship with fellow believers turns out to be hell for a young girl. See the story unravel from its unsettling beginning to its inconceivable ending, leaving one-time believers with a lifetime of questions and uncertainty.”

Preacher’s Pet (this is a link)

Amanda’s Story:

My story started when I began attending an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in the Bible belt when I was eight years old. I attended every church service with my grandmother and I became fond of the church and its members.

When I was twelve years old, the Pastor of this church (who was old enough to be my grandfather) very slowly and carefully began to manipulate me into a relationship with him. I believe this was easy for him to do, especially since he was loved and trusted by me, as well as so many others. He led me to believe that we were in love and that God had brought us together. I believed him and hung on to every word that he said.

I was raised in this church where what the preacher said went. We all took it for the gospel. Everyone blindly followed wherever this “man of God “ led. Sadly, I did too. He took the steps in our relationship very slowly, but by the time I was thirteen everything from fondling me to oral sex to attempted intercourse was involved. He would confide in me about family troubles and other members’ issues.

I was head over heels in love with him; at least I thought that I was. I was a young, insecure schoolgirl who he made feel loved and special. He would tell me that I was the most beautiful “woman” he had ever met. He also made sure to include that his wife would commit suicide if she ever found out of his “love” for me. He knew exactly what he was doing. This went on for years, from the time I was twelve up until I was sixteen. At sixteen I met my future husband and broke free from the preacher- only to have my love for him cause me to return to him, (still in secret) after three years of marriage, at the age of twenty-one.

I continued this affair with him until I finally realized that I needed help because I was emotionally broken. I could no longer go on loving him and loving my husband. I spoke out and told my husband. He demanded that I go to the police. That was the beginning of a breakthrough for me. It has just been within the past year that I have become whole again and truly realized that what that Pastor did to me was not love, but it was ABUSE. I have realized that I was a victim of something awful. But at the same time, I have become a survivor; a survivor and a ferocious protector to my children because of what I have gone through. I truly hope that my story will help other victims and hopefully help parents become more aware of the dangers lurking around our children. Our children’s preachers, teachers, and mentors are not always who they seem to be.

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